How We Award Scholarships

Education and supporting the personal, professional development of individuals who are dedicated to supporting our extended community is a core component of the Funding Life Corporation over all mission.

Helping people to support people is our guiding principal. E pluribus unum.

The United States of America was founded on the concept that the only way to succeed is for individuals to come together to form a supportive community. E pluribus unum ... out of many one ... When each person loves the other as much as himself, it makes one out of many (unus fiat ex pluribus) - Pythagoras.

At The Funding Life Corporation we take this concept to heart when developing scholarship programs. Our programs are diversified, spanning from environmental, to programs for veterans, and medical or other support professions. However, each has the underlying concept of people supporting people, and coming together to create restorative and supportive communities.

Scholarship Development

At The Funding Life Corporations we develop our scholarship programs based on our core principals of support, inclusion, and restorative community development. A scholarship project coordinator is identified to develop the program goals, objectives, mission and guiding principals. They then work to develop an extended program support community and work with multiple fundraising teams (both internal and external) to develop the core funding needed to establish the scholarship.

Scholarship funds raised in support of each program are invested in multiple financial vehicles balanced across capital preservation and capital growth investments, to support the perpetual life cycle of each scholarship program. The number and levels for the annual awards of each scholarship program are based upon the performance of the scholarship fundraising efforts combined with the performance of the various support investment vehicles.

Typical scholarship award levels are set at:

  • $1,000
  • $2,500
  • $5,000

for a single award to an individual for a single year. Most scholarships are limited to a single award per-person, however multiple awards to and individual are determined and managed on a scholarship program by program basis. Refer to the specific scholarship information site and Scholarship Coordinator POC for program specific details.