Paul W. Beach

Co Founder & Director

"It is very simple ... help people where and when you can."

Paul has worked in the aerospace and defense industry as a portfolio and business manager for over 30 years. He leads many of the organizations operational functions including Legal, Grants and Contracts Management. Additionally he chairs the scholarship & grant committee and oversees special projects.



Rohit Soni

Co Founder & Director

"Family is the beauty in life."

Rohit brings decades of technical management and leadership experience from both the defense and public sector.  His background in computer science, bio-information engineering, and program management makes him especially effective. He oversees the organizations Information Technology and Security, and Global Security. Additionally he coordinates several special projects and supervises risk and assurance, partner organizational effectiveness.


Your Face Here

Financial Director

The Funding Life Corporation is currently searching for additional, like minded, people to join its team of philanthropic outreach professionals.

As our efforts and organization continues to grow, we find ourselves in need of more extensive financial leadership and legal guidance.

If you are interested in joining our team in any capacity, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.