At The Funding Life Corporation we work diligently to ensure that every charitable campaign and scholarship/grant we fund are organized and operate in such a manner as to minimize the operational overhead costs and maximize the effectiveness of donation dollars.


While operation overhead and corporate expenses are a reality, at The Funding Life Corporation our goal is to maximize the effectiveness of every donation dollar that we coordinate. Most traditional charities have overhead and operational costs that consume upwards of 60% (often higher) of every donation dollar raised. The operational strategies that we employ at Funding Life allow us to reduce this level to below 15%.


Our fundraising and scholarship campaigns is funded within 30 days of receipt of funds. While most crowd funding operations collect and then hold the raised campaign funds for months at a time, not releasing them to the campaign until the identified completion date (which in effect gives the crowd funding company a 0% loan for the duration of the campaign), at The Funding Life Corporation and Scholarship.Life, when a donation is made it is immediately transmitted to the accounts of the campaign fund.

There are no delays, no games.

Every donation is acknowledge by an electronic receipt which is formatted in such a way that it can be used at tax time to identify and verify your charitable contribution. Additionally, if additional electronic copies or paper copies of any donation transaction are required, our support team will gladly provide them.

At The Funding Life Corporation we follow a strict audit process for each campaign to ensure that all promised funds were received from the donor, dispersed to the charity, and properly documented for IRS purposes.